From New York City with Love: How do we kill capitalism?

The anti-capitalist group Class War Camp within Occupy Wall Street supports M31 with an anti-capitalist meeting in New York City’s Union Square. CWC raised some important questions for that assembly. We’d like to propose them for our own discussions, as well. Thanks comrades in the City!

UNION SQUARE (N), 1PM, MARCH  – 31st /

In solidarity with the European call for anti-capitalist action on M31 (, Class War Camp (a group of anarchists, socialists, communists, etc. who Occupy Wall Street) is calling for a mass gathering of anti-capitalists of all stripes and kinds to discuss strategy, and network for the ongoing global revolution. Only if we know each other can we help one another!

For too long, the various strains of anti-capitalism (anarcho-whatever or without adjectives, Marxist-socialist-communist, and everything else) have been at each others throats just as much as at capital’s–when they’ve even acknowledged each others’ existence.

But over the last several years, something has happened, or is happening. It has spread from Latin America to Europe and the Middle East and back and across the world. It has many names, from 15M to the Arab Spring to Occupy–and before that, it was a wave of “riots” in a variety of places (not just Europe) with no such political signification. The landscape has changed, but the question is: how?

For the first time in recent memory it seems possible that the people themselves could break their apathy and become politically involved once again. But in a world where the Left is as divided as ever and on the defensive against a Right that is increasingly mobilized and with the full strength of capital behind it, the question is: how do we do it? How do we fight this fight, for the benefit of all?

Can we afford to ignore each other anymore?
What tactics are most effective?
Is having a unified organization the same as working in unity?
How should we relate to the State? Can we afford to “ignore” it when it can’t afford to ignore us?
What is the significance of “consensus process” for future organizing? Is it an anomaly or something significant?
What does it mean that the recent movements spreading all over are predominately anarchistic in theory and principle, while at the same time anarchism is increasingly co-opted by the Right (libertarians, “anarcho-capitalists,” “free market anarchists”) in a way that the various marxisms are not–if anything?
How do we win?
These are some of our questions. What are yours?